Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 1 Christmas Eve & Taiwan

When were in in Taiwan in November, Christmas decorations had begun to pop up everywhere are some cute Christmas/Winter images we found while in Taipei!

Hanging with Snoopy outside a department store
Mimi and Lexie beside a beautiful tree (sponsored by Burberry) outside the same upscale department store

Check this out! A HUGE snow-globe that you can actually get inside!! 
So of course I took my girls inside the snow globe! 
So pretty! The gold Christmas ball is as big as Janie's head!

I'll do the Christmas post in parts. Part 1 will be Christmas Eve

Over the years, my mom has always lets me open 1 gift on Christmas Eve from her--it's always a new pair of PJ's to wear that night and have on for the next morning. This tradition is now extended to the girls too! So we opened our 1 gift each from Mimi.

Just one more reminder of the Elf on the Shelf watching the girls!
Janie opening her Christmas Eve gift

Lexie watching Janie to see how this "present unwrapping" works
Lexie thinks the paper is the best part!
Again, more excitement over the paper!

Mommy got PJ's too...the top says "Janie and Lexie's Mom".....So cute!
Putting out cookies and milk for Santa!
Janie had to test the cookies first!
Janie and I then headed to the Christmas Eve service at church. Mimi stayed home with Lexie getting her ready for bed. It was kind of late (and cold) for her. Next post: Christmas Day (you will see their new PJ's and all the other fun we had opening gifts and celebrating the day!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My rays of Sunshine....

I promise to do a Christmas/Snow post soon (there are just soooo many pictures and memories to sort thru). In the meantime, here are a few pics of the girls. We are beginning to get into a routine now. Life is great. Hectic and often WILD--but great. Each day brings more joy and new discoveries. Thanking God for each moment.

Janie liked the snow we had on Christmas-but she really LOVED her boots. That was her favorite part about the snow-wearing her boots. Here she is later that night...she was in her pj's and went to get her boots to put on!

Sweet Lexie playing with Janie's juice cup!

Janie playing on a box of diapers-yep, we are going thru lots of those these days!

Princess Lexie showing off her tiara!

Lexie loves to look out the front door into the neighborhood!

Silly girls playing after dinner!

As you know, Janie is a climber. She climbs everything. She has ever since the day she was placed in my arms. Everyone that knows her talks about how much she climbs. Her favorite is to climb onto the dining room table. She climbs on all of her toys......

Here is her latest climbing adventure-up the toy and over the sofa! Watch her in action!!

Pushing the toy over to the back and begin the climb!
Up a little higher!
Now push off the top of the toy!
Pull hard and throw the leg over!
Almost there!
And flip over while laughing!!
This girl has no fear. The higher she can get the more fun she has...keeps mommy on her toes. I just know we will have an ER visit in our future.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Look.....

So Janie has what I call "The Look"
When I tell her something she doesn't want to hear or doesn't agree with, this is the look I get
She will also do it on command
I can say "Janie, do the look" and she makes this face
Oh funny, funny, girl!

Lexie likes to do a little "fish face" look. She pierces her lips together and sucks in her cheeks.
Almost like she is surprised and thinking "ooohhhh". It is a little harder to get a picture of-it happens so fast.

Silly girls....they keep me laughing (and busy)....

Waiting for Santa!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A day in the life.....

Just a few random pictures to show the happenings of our new life!!! We love every moment (even the busy/stressful ones).