Thursday, December 29, 2011

Silly, Silly, Silly Lexie

Hi Everyone,
Lexie here!!

See my sweet, precious, angelic face.....don't let my calm look fool you!!!

I am extremely silly and VERY into EVERYTHING right now.....I love being sooooo silly. Everyone says my personality is beyond hilarious! Mommy says she is certain I will be voted class clown my senior year of high school. Mommy says I am the EXACT opposite of my sister. Janie is silly at times and very playful too--but Janie is very serious, methodical, and a "deep thinker".

I just like to be as silly as possible at all times!! Mommy says she thinks it is my personal mission to make everyone around me laugh!!

So a few months ago I began climbing out of my crib. Mommy says I am waaaayyyy, too young to be doing that. I like to climb out at all hours of the night and get into my closet and begin pulling everything out. Mommy put lots of pillows around the bottom of the crib to help me not get hurt. Then she said it might be time for a toddler bed....but I reminded her that I am very crazy and WILL NOT stay in the bed. I plan to get into EVERYTHING!!

So mommy broke down and bought this crazy crib tent. She says she LOVES it. It really works and I don't mind it.

But, when I wake up I can't climb out and I want to have fun before mommy comes to get I get really quiet and begin to "play" in my crib. After I pushed all my blankets/animals out of the crib, I decided to have more getting naked! Yep, diaper and all! (You can use your imagination on the yucky diapers--not pretty). Mommy helped me blur my "naked" pictures!!

I did this so many times that mommy said I was driving her crazy...So mommy decided to try something else.....she put my zipper pj's on backwards!!

And cut out the feet!!
I thought it was pretty funny and it worked. I couldn't get naked...but I was still bored when I woke up. So, I decided to pull the sheet off my bed! Mommy just shakes her head at me. She says she doesn't know why I just don't call out to her and come play in the living room or kitchen instead of being so silly in my bed....

Well, after pushing the blankets out and taking off the sheets...after a few days, I got bored again....So, I figured out how to get out of those backwards pj' much fun! So now, I wonder what mommy will do???? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Janie just laughs at me and says "Wexie, why do you get naked?"

Yep, I am a handful and I love it! Keeps mommy very busy!


Love you all,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!! We are looking forward to that special morning around our house. Janie is really starting to "get it" this year. She is very into the big guy in the red suit (even though she won't go anywhere near him). As long as he brings her a doll house she is fine with it!! Lexie is full of wonder and glow with all the holiday decorations, songs, etc.

Janie is also beginning to understand the true meaning of Christmas as well. We have spent many times telling her the story of Jesus' birth and how He is our Savior. If you ask her whose birthday it is, she answers "It is the angel's birthday". So sweet.....

They are both growing up so quickly and I love watching them learn about Christmas traditions. Each day is a blessing....Every moment is celebrated!

Wishing you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of His love at Christmas time and always!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Janie came home in September 2009. She loved, loved, loved Santa. The picture from that year she is smiling and tickling his beard.

Fast forward to 2010...the picture is the same for Lexie but the exact opposite for Janie. Lexie met Santa by herself and was a happy little girl. Janie would not sit on Santa's lap by herself so the picture of the 2 of them is HYSTERICAL. Janie is screaming at the top of her lungs, mouth wide open and ters streaming down her face. Lexie is looking over at her like "What is wrong with you?"

Now fast forward to Christmas Season 2011. Lexie seems to really like Santa. Whenever she sees an image of him or when we go to the mall she smiles and waves and says "oh, oh, oh"---her sweet version of Ho, Ho, Ho.

Janie...well that is another story. To put it mildly...Janie is not a fan of Santa. Of course she will tell you what Santa is bringing her for Christmas (another post in itself) but she will have NOTHING to do with him at all. You see, Janie is extremely verbal. I have been told that she is actually verbally advanced for her age (which is funny b/c she won't speak to people at first--acts shy). But she is not shy to tell me how she feels about Santa.

We have watched every possible Barney/Sesame Street/Dora/etc episode with Santa...and she is fine with that...but in person, a completely different story. I even showed her the picture of her in 2009 happily sitting on Santa's lap...nope, not gonna happen.

Last time we were at the mall we walked over to the area. Lexie was smiling and happy but Janie immediately tensed up. Her poor little body became so stiff and she had this little fake smile on her face. When we walked away, she told me "Mommy, I didn't cry" I told her I was proud of how brave she was but then she added "I don't like Santa"

Janie will tell you all the following things about Santa:

"I don't like Santa", "Santa scares me", "I am afraid of Santa", "I don't want to see Santa", "I don't want to sit on Santa's lap", "I don't want Santa to come to my house", "I don't want to wave at him" and my personal favorite: When she knows we are going shopping she always says "Mommy, I have a question for you. Is Santa going to be there?"

The issue is that while Lexie loves Santa, she follows Janie's lead and then acts afraid and begins to cry too. So I think I will take Lexie alone to see Santa this year. Not sure if I will even try with Janie.

A few weeks ago we went to the Christmas Open House in a local shopping area. Santa was there and we tried. Tried being the key word. Here is what we got....

At first she was ready and seemed really excited. Then Janie began to scream so Lexie would not go to Santa. She did let me hold her though....although check out the grip she has on my shirt.

Well, Santa offered her a lollipop and she REALLY wanted it, so she leaned in and did grab that (through the tears).

I am hopeful that Janie will eventually outgrow her fear. I know many kids are afraid of Santa. So my question to all you mommies out there: Do you make your child sit on Santa's lap (even with the tears)? It almost seems like emotional abuse to me? What do you think????

Monday, December 5, 2011

Long Overdue Update!!

Wow!! It has been a really, really, really long time since I have updated the blog with the happenings around here. Let me just say that this is a SUPER LONG post with TONS of pictures!!! But, I have had so many friends/family/co-workers who love to see pics of the girls ask why I haven't put much on here lately....well, being a single/working mommy to these precious girls takes up basically ALL of my time!!! And I love it!!!!!!!

When the girls are awake, they deserve my full attention....and when they go to sleep, I begin washing dishes, making lunch for the next day, doing laundry, etc...then I crash into bed...which leaves no time to update this blog.

I remember waiting for my sweet baby--and God blessed me with 2 little darlings. Geesh, what did I do with my time before these girls. I must have been really bored......

So....sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the pics of a few of our last few adventures!

Pumpkin Patch

Check out this huge chair!

Lexie, how tall are you?

Janie, how tall are you?

Loving the cow/train ride. They both wanted to do it by themselves!

Roping some steer!

Sweet sisters headed to the playground!

Happy Halloween!!

The first few houses we drove to--because they were special friends/family. We went inside and visited for a while....then when it came time to go around our neighborhood, they got to the first house, said "trick or treat", got candy, and then tried to go inside!! I guess they thought you were supposed to stay and visit at all houses!!!

Come on Lexie, let's go!

Trick or Treat!

We had to take Lexie's pumpkin off for the car ride. She tried to put it back on!

Of course you have to dump the candy and check out what you got!!

The Zoo

The weather was nice so we went to the Atlanta Zoo with Mimi and Gramps
Janie and Lexie LOVED all the animals--especially the elephants and giraffes

Rode the merry-go-round

And the train!

Played with the goats in the children's area!


So much to be thankful for! Lexie's first Thanksgiving at home!

Christmas Open House @ 5 points
A local area in Athens (5 points) does a Christmas open house for kids/families. The local stores have fun activities for the kiddos--and it is all FREE! So we spent an afternoon there!
Waiting for the horses/hay-ride!

There they are! Lexie spotted them!!

Sweet Janie-deep in thought!

Silly girls!

Christmas Parade!!
We went to the Christmas Parade this past weekend! It was great weather and so much fun. Of course we didn't take pictures...had our hands full just keeping the girls from running out into the streets for the candy being thrown!! I did get this one picture of them on the grass waiting for it to start. I usually don't dress them alike--but they needed to wear their warm sweatshirts...They look so much alike here! I am constantly asked if they are twins..I can see why in this picture!

Random Sweetness!

I will end this post with some random pics from the past few months!!

When Janie really wants something, she will put her hands under her chin like this and say "Pleeeease"

Then if she doesn't get it right away, she will give you this look!

Yummy! Powdered Donuts that Mimi loves to bring us on Saturday mornings!

The picture below is one of my new favorites!!

We hope you are all doing well!! We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be sharing more soon!!

Love to you all,

Tonya, Janie, and Lexie