Thursday, December 29, 2011

Silly, Silly, Silly Lexie

Hi Everyone,
Lexie here!!

See my sweet, precious, angelic face.....don't let my calm look fool you!!!

I am extremely silly and VERY into EVERYTHING right now.....I love being sooooo silly. Everyone says my personality is beyond hilarious! Mommy says she is certain I will be voted class clown my senior year of high school. Mommy says I am the EXACT opposite of my sister. Janie is silly at times and very playful too--but Janie is very serious, methodical, and a "deep thinker".

I just like to be as silly as possible at all times!! Mommy says she thinks it is my personal mission to make everyone around me laugh!!

So a few months ago I began climbing out of my crib. Mommy says I am waaaayyyy, too young to be doing that. I like to climb out at all hours of the night and get into my closet and begin pulling everything out. Mommy put lots of pillows around the bottom of the crib to help me not get hurt. Then she said it might be time for a toddler bed....but I reminded her that I am very crazy and WILL NOT stay in the bed. I plan to get into EVERYTHING!!

So mommy broke down and bought this crazy crib tent. She says she LOVES it. It really works and I don't mind it.

But, when I wake up I can't climb out and I want to have fun before mommy comes to get I get really quiet and begin to "play" in my crib. After I pushed all my blankets/animals out of the crib, I decided to have more getting naked! Yep, diaper and all! (You can use your imagination on the yucky diapers--not pretty). Mommy helped me blur my "naked" pictures!!

I did this so many times that mommy said I was driving her crazy...So mommy decided to try something else.....she put my zipper pj's on backwards!!

And cut out the feet!!
I thought it was pretty funny and it worked. I couldn't get naked...but I was still bored when I woke up. So, I decided to pull the sheet off my bed! Mommy just shakes her head at me. She says she doesn't know why I just don't call out to her and come play in the living room or kitchen instead of being so silly in my bed....

Well, after pushing the blankets out and taking off the sheets...after a few days, I got bored again....So, I figured out how to get out of those backwards pj' much fun! So now, I wonder what mommy will do???? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Janie just laughs at me and says "Wexie, why do you get naked?"

Yep, I am a handful and I love it! Keeps mommy very busy!


Love you all,


  1. Such a cute post! Love all her mischief!


  2. Lexie is a little rascal. I'm sure it must drive you crazy trying to think of ways to outsmart her. She's pretty ingenious to figure things out to keep her busy while she's in her crib.

  3. What a cutie! Sorry Tonya, the mischief is adorable! Hope to see you all soon!

  4. loved reading this post! My daughter (adopted domestically) Is very close in age to Lexie (Anna will be 2 2/9) I thought Anna was into everything!! Lexie has her beat! Soo cute!! You know, I am also a single adoptive mom in GA!

  5. Oh my goodness. She really is a BUSY girl. I had to laugh at your post. I was getting tired for you:)