Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smiles :):)

There are about a gazillion things that I love about each of my girls.
(I really never realized I could love someone so much until God handed me my daughters).

But, one of my favorite things is how happy they both are!
I am so blessed that both of them are silly, happy, funny, girls!
They love to smile and they love to be silly!
They make me laugh everyday!

They love to take pictures. They love to smile and pose.
When I tell them to "smile" or "say cheese".

I usually get a pose (or smile) like this.......

Or this......

Or this.......

Or this.....

But sometimes I get this....

It is such a joy to be their mommy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sister Love!

Sister Love!

Or not!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Janie!

I guess late is better than never, right? Well, I have FINALLY gotten around to posting some pics from Janie's 3rd birthday....did I just type that? Is my sweetie already 3 years old? How did that happen??

I remember every second of the wait to bring her home, to meet my daughter. I remember the pull God was giving me to begin the adoption process. I remember the lost referral, country closures, paperwork delays, etc. It all took around 3 years and those were the LONGEST 3 years of my these past 3 years have flown by. All parents say that happens--and boy are they right!!

Presents, presents, presents

Opening a present!

Lexie got a few presents too :)

What's next?

Janie loves her binoculars!

Opening her sweet pillow case. Has her name and a sweet prayer on it.

Lexie got one too!

Janie and her Leap Frog--she is all about anything Leap Frog!!

Another fun computer toy!

Her favorite present....the princess castle tent!

Now time to head to the Pizza party with her friends!!

Janie and Charlie (her best friend-she says it all the time). I seriously think these 2 are

going to get married....they already act like an old married couple!

Friends Wylie and Kelson

Playing in the children's area while waiting for food!

Lexie wanted to climb the foose ball table!

The cake!

Time to blow out the candle!

Janie and Charlie (side by side again)

Lexie liked the cake too!

Sweet baby Josie!

Present time!

Charlie calls Janie his "princess". He told his mom he wanted to get Janie a princess cake. He had this princess cup-cake made for her...Janie loved it. She just kept lovingly staring at it. She wouldn't eat it was too pretty. The next day, I finally had to take the sugar princess of the top to get her to eat the cupcake!

Can't believe my girls are 2 and 3 years old!! Love them so much!!