Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smiles :):)

There are about a gazillion things that I love about each of my girls.
(I really never realized I could love someone so much until God handed me my daughters).

But, one of my favorite things is how happy they both are!
I am so blessed that both of them are silly, happy, funny, girls!
They love to smile and they love to be silly!
They make me laugh everyday!

They love to take pictures. They love to smile and pose.
When I tell them to "smile" or "say cheese".

I usually get a pose (or smile) like this.......

Or this......

Or this.......

Or this.....

But sometimes I get this....

It is such a joy to be their mommy!


  1. Yup I smiled! :) I LOVE all the pics :) enjoy being there mommy!!!!! :) They so make me want God to send me an Asian princess and soon! heehee

  2. Love those smiles! They are SO stinkin' cute!!!

  3. Just adorable!! Never a dull moment with those two. They would keep me smiling all day long!