Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Lexie!!

We celebrated Lexie's 1st Birthday on Sunday after church! We had a small celebration at home with a few family and friends...(just like we did for Janie last year). It is such a special day for little Lexie-we wanted to share it with our loved ones. I can't believe she is already 1 year old. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

Janie was such a great big sister during the party. She never once got jealous or upset. Both girls had soooo much fun! 

Warning:::Lots of pictures in this post.....Enjoy!

Hanging with Gramps after church (Lexie fell asleep in car, she was still a little tired here)....
Waiting for my guests to arrive.....
Birthday girl.....

Bring on the presents....

Having fun with Janie....

Yummy food....
Bring on the cake....

Janie kept looking at Lexie and saying "napkin". She really wanted me to clean Lexie!

Headed straight to the bathtub...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday sweet Lexie
Happy Birthday to you

It was a great day. I can't help but think about the girls' birth mom. I hope she is remembering them today and feeling peace and comfort knowing they are together.

Now, we are getting ready for Janie's 2nd birthday celebration in a few weeks-whew!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lexie's 1st Birthday

Had a GREAT Birthday celebration with Lexie today. She had a blast and had cake from head to toe (literally)...she actually took her socks off and put her feet in the cake too!!!! Janie was a great big sister. I'll post pics soon!! Love my girls so much......

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Tonight Janie went over to Mimi and Gramps to spend the night. She loves to stay with them--I think she gets a little spoiled over there--don't tell her I know it though....

While she was gone Lexie and I played a little game after dinner. Lexie decided to show Mommy all of her funny you go!

Do you have that camera ready Mommy--here I go!

I'm being a little flirty....
I'm being very silly...

Now, I'm being serious...

Here is my bashful look...

Let me pretend to be sleepy...

Mommy makes me laugh...

This face really made mommy laugh...she seemed to think I 
was being pretty funny!!

Before Mimi and Janie left, they had a picnic lunch on the 
living room sweet!!

Such a great big sister--Lexie took her socks off and Janie is putting them back on her--awwww!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Returning to work :(

OK...So I really love my job and I feel so lucky to have a job that I love so much. My students are amazing, my co-workers are great, and my school is a wonderful place to go each day.....


Leaving these sweet girls is going to be hard. I really thought that I was ready to go back (and have some adult interactions-haha). But this morning, I am starting to feel a little anxious and very sad about leaving my girls.

It was so hard going back after my leave with Janie--now it is double hard (sigh). I am thankful that I have had the past 8 weeks with them all to myself. And, I am thankful that I have an amazing friend who cares for them during the day.

But, I guess I need to go earn that money!! Monday morning....I will be heading back to the OC again....ready or not here I come!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What if?

What if? 

I've been thinking a lot lately about those 2 words. What if?

What if I had not adopted? 

What if I had not followed my heart? What if I had no faith? What if I had not listened to the Lord's calling in my heart? 

As a single school teacher, I am definetly not financially rich by any means. However, my first few years teaching I loved to spend money on "things"....especially purses. Hmmmm-I remember these days and kind of chuckle at myself...

I guess I could have saved money over the years and maybe had one of these:

Or maybe even one of these: (well probably not, but you get the idea)

But thankfully the Lord called me in a different direction. I felt the calling to adopt and my life has become amazingly rich!! 

What if I had said "No" to this precious 3 pound 5 oz. gift from God? (She was always my Janie from the beginning)

Janie brought an entirely new dimension to my life. Becoming her mommy was the most wonderful experience I could ever imagine.

But wait, God was not finished. 

What if I had said "No" to this second gift from God? Another 3 pound 8 oz. miracle who was always meant to be my Lexie.

HIS plan was only beginning! He later brought Lexie into my life. Becoming her mommy leaves me speechless. I sit in awe at these amazing sisters.


I only thought my life was full with Janie--but now with Lexie too--it is so complete. 

I think of that silly Tom Cruise line "You complete me". You know, the one he says to the girl in the movie "Jerry Maquire" (I think that is the one). Well, that is how I feel about Janie and Lexie. THEY COMPLETE ME. These girls make me a better person. 

So, again I am left to wonder "What if"

  • What if I had become obsessed with "things"?
  • What if I had not listened to my heart?
  • What if I had not listened to the calling?
  • What if I had been afraid?
  • What if I had not had faith to join a new pilot program with my agency?
  • What if I had not accepted Janie's referral simply b/c she was a preemie with possible health issues?
  • What if I had not accepted Lexie because I was afraid of being a mommy to two babies less than a year apart in age?
  • What if I had listened to the people who cautioned me about adopting a second baby so soon?
  • What if I had belived thier arguements about money, time, etc?
  • What if I had let some people's negative comments persuade me?
  • What if I didn't follow the Lord's path for me?

I don't want to think of the answers to any of the above. Why? Well because it would mean that I would miss out on these wonderful moments:

Looking foward to many more of these in the future. 

My girls complete me. 

They are the sunshine of my life!