Monday, December 5, 2011

Long Overdue Update!!

Wow!! It has been a really, really, really long time since I have updated the blog with the happenings around here. Let me just say that this is a SUPER LONG post with TONS of pictures!!! But, I have had so many friends/family/co-workers who love to see pics of the girls ask why I haven't put much on here lately....well, being a single/working mommy to these precious girls takes up basically ALL of my time!!! And I love it!!!!!!!

When the girls are awake, they deserve my full attention....and when they go to sleep, I begin washing dishes, making lunch for the next day, doing laundry, etc...then I crash into bed...which leaves no time to update this blog.

I remember waiting for my sweet baby--and God blessed me with 2 little darlings. Geesh, what did I do with my time before these girls. I must have been really bored......

So....sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the pics of a few of our last few adventures!

Pumpkin Patch

Check out this huge chair!

Lexie, how tall are you?

Janie, how tall are you?

Loving the cow/train ride. They both wanted to do it by themselves!

Roping some steer!

Sweet sisters headed to the playground!

Happy Halloween!!

The first few houses we drove to--because they were special friends/family. We went inside and visited for a while....then when it came time to go around our neighborhood, they got to the first house, said "trick or treat", got candy, and then tried to go inside!! I guess they thought you were supposed to stay and visit at all houses!!!

Come on Lexie, let's go!

Trick or Treat!

We had to take Lexie's pumpkin off for the car ride. She tried to put it back on!

Of course you have to dump the candy and check out what you got!!

The Zoo

The weather was nice so we went to the Atlanta Zoo with Mimi and Gramps
Janie and Lexie LOVED all the animals--especially the elephants and giraffes

Rode the merry-go-round

And the train!

Played with the goats in the children's area!


So much to be thankful for! Lexie's first Thanksgiving at home!

Christmas Open House @ 5 points
A local area in Athens (5 points) does a Christmas open house for kids/families. The local stores have fun activities for the kiddos--and it is all FREE! So we spent an afternoon there!
Waiting for the horses/hay-ride!

There they are! Lexie spotted them!!

Sweet Janie-deep in thought!

Silly girls!

Christmas Parade!!
We went to the Christmas Parade this past weekend! It was great weather and so much fun. Of course we didn't take pictures...had our hands full just keeping the girls from running out into the streets for the candy being thrown!! I did get this one picture of them on the grass waiting for it to start. I usually don't dress them alike--but they needed to wear their warm sweatshirts...They look so much alike here! I am constantly asked if they are twins..I can see why in this picture!

Random Sweetness!

I will end this post with some random pics from the past few months!!

When Janie really wants something, she will put her hands under her chin like this and say "Pleeeease"

Then if she doesn't get it right away, she will give you this look!

Yummy! Powdered Donuts that Mimi loves to bring us on Saturday mornings!

The picture below is one of my new favorites!!

We hope you are all doing well!! We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be sharing more soon!!

Love to you all,

Tonya, Janie, and Lexie


  1. Love the catch-up! Your girls are adorable!

  2. Those two girls are so sweet! Sometimes they do look like twins.