Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We started on Saturday with an Easter Egg hunt at the church! The girls were excited and ready to go!!

See this silly face that Janie is making....this is her new face when I say "Smile". I get this crazy, scrunched nose smile!!
Here it is again!! She has a beautiful smile--we need to work on showing it when asked :):)

Making a sand art cross!

Easter morning breakfast after discovering the Easter Bunny had come to our house!

What did he bring the girls....well, not baskets but these fun cars with lots of goodies in the seat!

Getting ready to go to church to celebrate this special day! HE IS RISEN!!

After church we visited a local covered bridge to get some sweet pictures!

Then home for a yummy lunch and nap! After the nap, the girls discovered that the Easter Bunny had left eggs in the backyard!!

Ending the day by playing with thier new cars!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We love you all!!


  1. Happy Easter Tonya! Looks like the girls had a wonderful day!

  2. What a fun day for all of you!! The girls looked beautiful as always!