Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Girls!

Janie and Lexie are so much alike in so many ways....but they are so different in so many ways! They each have thier own little personality and special traits. Then sometimes it amazes me how they are identical. Each day is a blessing. Each day is an adventure. And each day I fall more in love with each of them! 

My special girls.....

They make me smile. 
They make me cry. 
They make me laugh. 
They make me sigh.
But mostly, they make me a better person. 
I am such a better person now that they are in my life.

For fun, I went back and compared some pictures. I could post many, many, many more like this. Especially since Lexie is wearing many of Janie hand-me-downs and they are playing with the same toys...Sometimes I look at Lexie and it seems like I am having deja vu from a year ago (or however you spell that). 

Janie at 14 months old and Lexie at 13 months old

Janie at 14 months old and Lexie at 12 months old

Both girls enjoying thier 1st Birthday Cake!

Janie at 13 months old and Lexie at 12 months old

Janie at 14 months old and Lexie at 13 months old

Even though they look so much alike, I try really, really, really, really hard not to let people compare them. I do not dress them alike. I do not say Janie looks like Lexie or Lexie looks like Janie. Instead I say that they look alike since they are sisters. I try to encourage them to be individuals. They are both so special in thier own unique way!! 


  1. Such beautiful girls! What a blessing. . .


  2. They are totally adorable! You are doubly blessed!

  3. Hello!! They are just too cute!! I too live in GA! An am a single adoptive mom (I adopted my daughter domestically)!! I love reading your blog!! My daughter is about the same age as Lexie!!