Friday, February 25, 2011

Janie's Birthday Recap!

Hi Everyone,
This is Janie. So it has been almost 2 weeks since I turned 2 and mommy still has not done a birthday post----so, I decided I would take over her computer for a while and show you all the fun I had on my special day! 

I'm a Valentine's baby--I turned 2 on Feb. 14. Mommy kept telling me that she couldn't believe I was 2 already. She kept saying that I look and act so grown up--that I am growing up too fast. Mommy always told people my age in months--but now she says she has to say "2". She says that seems so weird. She is trying to get me to say "2" also...sometimes I do it for her..but usually I just run away and laugh. I like doing that now....I am very active. Mommy calls me wild...I hear her keep saying something about "terrible two's"...hmmmm. I wonder if she is talking about me.

Anyways, we celebrated my birthday at 1-2-3 Jump. I call it "bounce". I love, love, love to bounce. It is my favorite place to go--so mommy rented it for a few of my friends.

All of my sweet friends came to play: Charlie, Kelson, Wylie, Amelie, Anna Grace, Peyton, and of course my little sister Lexie. Also, my friend Debra came and so did my God Family, the Harrisons! 

Look at all the pictures I put below--I know there are a lot, but I wanted you to see how much fun we had!!! Oh, and mommy said she didn't get very good pictures of me "bouncing", she said I was moving way tooo fast to get any really good pictures!

Me, Lexie, and Charlie (and Debra helping Charlie with his shoes)
Look at me sliding down backwards!
Anna Grace riding in the car!
Me and Kelson playing with the balls
Kelson having fun! (His mommy took lots of cute pictures too-she tagged me in some on Mommy's facebook page)
Amelie getting ready to go down the slide
Wylie having fun!
Look at brave Anna Grace!
And my sister Lexie was CRAZY that day. She did not want to be left out of anything. She jumped, bounced, went down slides. She is pretty tough and chases all the big kids around.
Lexie at the bottom of the slide
Silly Lexie
Lexie driving the car! Beep Beep
Bring on the food! Yummy cupcakes, chips, animal crackers, and juice!

Lexie didn't think it was very fair that Debra and Tricia were feeding her squash while everyone else got cupcakes!
Gift time! I loved opening the gifts! When I was younger I liked the paper and bows best...but now, I know how to rip into the presents!

Mommy tried to get a picture of me and Charlie wearing our Mickey Mouse ears. Neither of us would be still though!
Back at home that night, I had lots of more gifts-yay!

Look at my Strawberry Shortcake purse!
Lexie likes it too!

Lexie likes my Barney doll!
Mommy tried to get a good picture of me and my sister with Mimi. Ha, Ha, Ha! It's impossible to get good pictures of both of us at the same time right now...somebody is always moving!
I had a fun day! Thanks Mommy and Mimi for giving me such a special celebration. 
Bye, Bye!

Love to you all,

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  1. Hi Janie!
    I took over my mommy's computer too! I had so much fun at your party. Thanks for inviting me. I hope our mommies will let us play at my house soon so that I can show you all of my toys and we can jump on my trampoline. I will see you tonight at Chinese New Year. Take a long nap so that maybe your mommy will let you stay late tonight. You will have to show me around since this is my first time. I hear there will be a Chinese monkey (which my mommy says is a dragon, but I like calling it a monkey).
    Anna Grace