Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Birthday

Happy Valentine's Day Janie & Lexie and Happy Birthday Janie! 

It was a big weekend around our house! We celebrated Janie's 2nd Birthday at 1-2-3 Jump on Sunday evening. She had some sweet friends join her for lots of silly bouncing and jumping!! She loved every second of it (so did Lexie). I will do a separate birthday post later (I have to sort thru all the pics/video we took that day). It's hard to believe that my little Love Bug is just that--a little girl. No longer a baby. She is now 2....sigh.

Valentine's Day is always a fun, fun, fun day....but now, it is so much more special. Valentine's is all about LOVE and there is lots of LOVE in my life right now. I feel blessed beyond words.

Enjoy pics of the girls today in their red!

Janie coming down the hall getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day and her Birthday!
Look how big she looks in this picture--her "baby" look is gone.

Lexie playing in Mommy's bathroom-my silly, funny, precious girl!

Look at that beautiful smile-melts your heart!

Another beautiful smile (along with some crazy hair). So adorable!

Playing on Mommy's bed!

Lexie says Mommy has taken enough pictures--she's going into the bathroom to play instead!

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  1. Happy Birthday Janie! So much celebrating!! The girls must be having a blast!