Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update: 1 year and 2 years!!

Well baby-check doctor visits...Updates on the girls:

First Lexie....

She turned 1 on Feb. 1-hard to believe....

At her appointment, she weighed in at 16 pounds 3 ounces in weight (0% on our US Charts) and 28 1/2 inches in height (29% on our charts). 

Special things about Lexie:
  • She is walking all the time now-stopped crawling for good about 2 weeks ago. 
  • Loves to say uh oh, up, and mama (my favorite)
  • She loves to squeal and yell to have her sister copy her..then they copy each other with the same squeals
  • Laughs out loud--lots of giggles all the time!
  • She smiles- A LOT. Her face is getting fuller and you can't see her little dimple anymore :(
  • She follows her big sister everywhere
  • Wants whatever her big sister has 
  • Usually wins the battles with Janie. If Janie and Lexie are pulling on the same thing--99% of the time, Lexie wins!!
  • She is tough as nails. She is a fighter (but sweet about it).
  • Has a huge appetite. Will eat anything I offer her
  • She still has no teeth-so still on baby food, but beginning to eat tiny bites of puffs, cheerios, muffins, bread, etc
  • Loves music-likes to do a little bounce dance
  • Lexie loves her baths. But she lays over to put toys in her mouth and often sucks up bath water-oh no!
  • Easy, easy, easy baby-she is so peaceful and flexible
  • She loves her sleep. Sleeps thru the night and wants her naps. 
  • Not a morning person-doesn't like it when mommy wakes her up to start her day :)
  • Loves Barney too (good thing)
  • Is a climber (just like her sister)
  • Loves her Mimi and her Gramps. Grins so big when she sees her Mimi
  • Likes being outside (haven't been much though b/c of the cold weather) 
  • Battles some allergies-uses a purifier at night and naptime
  • Loves to drink water from her sippy cup
  • Will dive into your plate of food if you are not careful--girlfriend is ready for some teeth to begin eating solid food!
  • Is very wiggly and squirmy-wants out of your arms to go explore EVERYTHING
  • Puts everything in her mouth! Will find the smallest peice of paper, trash, food, anything and try to eat it (yuck)
  • Extremely happy and fun-loving baby girl!
  • Still very much a thumb sucker. Either thumb, she isn't picky!
Now Janie:

She turned 2 on Feb. 14--can't believe how time flies!

At her appointment, she weighed in at exactly 20 pounds in weight (0% on our US Charts) and 32 inches in height (8% on our charts). Is she really only 4 inches taller than Lexie..she looks a little taller than that--hmmm. Wonder if that is a mistake?

Special things about Janie:
  • She talks ALL THE TIME. Not so much in public-but she never stops at home.
  • She repeats EVERYTHING she hears--so we have to be careful :):)
  • She has great manners-always says please and thank you. Now she is working on "yes ma'am" it sounds like "yea man"...I have some video of it. I need to post it sometime.
  • If you get in her way, she will gently push you aside and say "excuse me"--it is so funny
  • She is a mama's girl 100%. At times, she only wants me (and I have to admit, I love it)
  • She LOVES to be around other kids-she is very social with kids--not so much with adults.
  • She dances to all her Barney DVD's nonstop. She knows all the words to the songs and even the story lines. She quotes the entire is so cute. She acts it out as it is happening.
  • She has this silly "country" stomp dance thing she does--especially when she is happy.
  • At the end of Barney during the "I love you" theme song-she HAS to be held and rocked while this song is on...sooooo sweet. 
  • She likes waving "hello" and "good bye" to strangers in stores, parking lots, etc.
  • She LOVES to say her prayers while in the car. As we pull out of the driveway she says "Amen, Amen" trying to get me to say our prayers...of course I always do! 
  • She is a girly girl! She loves make up, shoes, clothes, hair bows, etc.
  • When we leave the house without a bow, she touches her head and reminds me "bow"
  • She hates to be dirty! If she gets anything on her hands-she is immediately asking for a napkin.
  • If she gets anything on her she says "YUCKY". (When Lexie was getting birthday cake all other herself, Janie kept looking at her and telling me "napkin" trying to get me to clean Lexie"
  • She calls her sister a strange name-it is kind of a combination of Lexie and comes out like Sickie. Strange--but she knows who she is talking about.
  • She loves her sister (most of the time). 
  • If Lexie is sleeping, she constantly asks about her-she wants me to wake her so they can play
  • She will often lean in and give Lexie a kiss (without being asked to)
  • But, in the late afternoon/early evening, she gets frustrated with Lexie-and I see some tantrums
  • Yes, she does tantrum--the "terrible 2's" are in full force
  • She loves fruit, so much so that I have to hide it until the end of the meal-otherwise she will only eat a meal of fruit
  • She loves diced tomatos, cheese, yogurt, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, fries, tater tots, chicken/dumplings, toast, but her absolute favorite is SQUASH CASSEROLE! Too funny!
  • I can't get her to eat meat. I have to hide it in other foods??
A few funny videos. These were taken after Janie and Lexie got home from Janie's birthday party...we opened Janie's gifts from family that evening. (Birthday post later-still going thru all the pics-took soooo many)

Mimi got Janie a frog that counts. Here is Janie couting with me 4, 5, 6, 9 (what happened to 7 and 8). Ha Ha

Mimi got Janie a Barney doll that sings the "I love you" song. If you listen closely, you can barely hear her singing along to the first 2 lines of the song...then towards the end you can see Lexie come over and take it from Janie--yep, that happens all day! 

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  1. We're about to take Lexie in for her 2 year check in a few weeks. They grow up so fast! I can see a lot of Lexie in your little girls. And you're so right, we definitely have to watch what we say because they repeat everything!! I don't know what it is about 7 & 8 because when Lexie counts, she skips 7 all of the time.