Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcakes, Hair Cuts, Bouncing, and Spring Break

Yep, that is one long title for this post. Well, it is because we have done some fun, picture-worthy stuff lately that I just haven't ever here we go......

Janie's new obsession. She loves them. Back in December during the snow storm, we stayed at Mimi's for the week. One day Janie and Mimi baked up some yummy cupcakes. 

Hair Cuts
The girls' hair grows really fast. They get hair cuts very often. One of our favorite places is Kidz Doos here in Athens. They have cool cars/planes to sit in, movies playing, slides, toys, dress up clothes, and a huge play house. The girls love it. They host b-day parties where they paint nails, do hair styles, and host a fashion show. When the girls get older we will have to have a b-day party there. Here are some pics from a hair cut a few months ago.

Janie loves to bounce. She will bounce anytime, anywhere. Gramps entered his motorcyle in a local car show last weekend...they had an inflatable jumper with a HUGE ladder and a slide. Janie loved, loved, loved it. She immediately saw it and said "A Bounce, a bounce, oooohhh weee" and took no time crawling up into it. She even climbed the huge ladder and slid down by herself--no fear in that little girl! Lexie was VERY UPSET that mommy would not let her go in. She tried so hard. She was so jealous. Finally when the bigger kids were gone, I let her go in. I think she loved it even more than Janie (if that is even possible). My silly boucning girls.

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  1. What a cute place to get a hair cut! I can see why they would love to hang out there. Totally adorable, as usual! Enjoy Barney!!