Monday, April 11, 2011

Lexie has NO FEAR!!!

We had a great spring break and I have tons of precious, precious pictures to post---playing at a friend's house, Barney pictures, great pics from the park, Atlanta Children's Museum....BUT, I have to share these videos with you!! Lexie is CRAZY!! Yep, that girl is going to keep me on my toes!!

On Saturday, a dear friend brought the girls a Barbie Power Wheel that her daughters have outgrown (Thanks Meredith, Molly, & Ivey). So, we thought Janie would love it...we charged it up and took it outside and took a smaller riding toy for Lexie so she wouldn't get jealous. 

So Janie got on it, rode it about 3 feet and wanted OFF. She was not into it at all and I didn't want to force it on her. I'm sure she will eventually feel better about it and want to ride it. 
But, Lexie--well that is another story. 

She immediately ran to it and crawled on. We were a little concerned b/c it is way to big for her--but she LOVED it. And she had a BLAST!! Check out the video proof below!!!!!!!!! What a little daredevil she is. 

Love my girls so much....they compliment each other so well-they are so much alike yet so different in so many ways!! It is so amazing watching them experience life! Enjoy the video and be prepared to LAUGH!

Here she is just learning how to operate it. She had "accidently" made it go a few times and was really trying to figure out how to do it again. Poor thing, her little legs just aren't long enough for her little feet to press the pedal. But she does great!! I love how when she really gets going you can hear Janie say "LEXIE" and run to her! So cute! Then towards the end when she hits Janie's toy, Janie says "Oh no-whoa".....priceless!

Here she is getting the hang of it--watch out Janie!! Then she stops because she gets distracted by the neighbor's dog. You can hear her trying to say "doggie". 

And now, everyone watch out! This girl has got it! She is ready to go, go, go!!!

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  1. Lexie looks so adorable on it. What a daredevil!!