Monday, August 15, 2011

La La La La--Elmo's world....

I don't dress the girls alike. I don't really like matchy/matchy. Sometimes I like to coordinate them in colors and patterns--but I never do matching......

But, how cute are these Elmo pj's!?! I made an exception with pj's--pj's are supposed to be fun, right!

They loved them and they kept giggling and running around looking at each other. They thought it was so funny that they were dressed alike. (They also have a pair of matching Dora pj's too). 

Also cracks me up how both of them are chewing on the same finger too! Sometimes they are so much alike! Sweet sisters......L.O.V.E  them soooooo M.U.C.H

Sweet sisters showing off thier Elmo pj's

Lexie being her adorable self!

Janie thought the hat added a little something extra to her outfit! (She is very into Wonder Pets right now and it had her attention captured)


  1. Hehe! Cuties!


  2. Aww Noah loves Elmo! Need to get him a pair too