Sunday, September 11, 2011

Growing up too fast!

Back during our "mini" spring break trip (on April 7) Janie and Lexie went to the park.

Janie was 26 months old and wearing this outfit.

Lexie, at 19 months old, wore it to church today (and it is almost too small for her). Sigh....she is growing up too fast!

Speaking of growing up too fast....look how tall (and grown-up) Janie looks in this picture. My babies are becoming little girls.
Below are some of my other favorite photos from the past few weeks. My silly, funny, crazy, girls!!! I count my blessings each day!

Went to Dairy Queen and ordered a Kiwi-Strawberry drink. Lexie really wanted some!

Loved her reaction!!

Other random cuteness of the girls!


  1. Your girls are SO adorable! Love the outfits!

  2. Beautiful girls!


  3. I just love their beautiful hair!! They are darling!

  4. Happy Forever Family day to you too - your girls are beautiful and I still can't believe how God gave you two. Blessings to you Tonya!