Friday, June 10, 2011

Are they twins?

"Are they twins?"

That is a question that I am hearing a lot these days. The girls are starting to really look more and more alike. Lexie is still shorter and thicker--but she is quickly catching up with Janie. When they are sitting, they are basically the same size from the waist up. Janie just has longer/leaner legs so when standing you can see the difference.

And, Lexie is really doing so much more now that she can basically "take on" Janie and often "win" battles!! She is pretty fiesty! 

So, when we are out in public I get asked "Are they twins?" pretty often. I am guessing that as they get older, I will really get asked that. I can imagine when the girls are 4 and 5 (and from then on) really being asked that alot. 

Check out this picture!!

I have pictures all over the house, stuffed in drawers, cabinets, etc. I often print them and then never do anything with them (bad mommy). 

I was changing Lexie's diaper and Janie found this picture and brought it to me. She said "Look mommy, Wexie". I briefly looked at it and replied "Yep, that's Lexie" but then I had to do a double-take. It was actually an old picture of Janie from 2009 at Christmas time-before Lexie had even been born. Even mommy had a hard time telling the difference. I just had to go back and find it on the computer and let you all see!

Lesson learned: I need to start marking the pictures. Many years from now, they may not be able to tell who it is!!

And speaking of TWINS--please join me in prayer for the Smith family. Those of you who have followed my journey probably remember Harrison. He was the other baby in Taiwan that lived with Janie. We had the pleasure of visiting his forever family in Tenn last summer. They are in the process of adopting twins from Korea (boy/girl). They are beyond precious. Please join me in praying these sweet darlings home soon. Harrison is going to be a WONDERFUL big brother. You can follow their journey HERE and see pics of the sweet babies!!

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  1. Can't wait to see you girls!!! Thanks for the shoutout!