Monday, June 27, 2011

Haircuts and Backyard Playground

This weekend I had an appointment to get my hair cut so I decided to have a cut for the girls too. They both have such thick/beautiful hair that grows SOOOOO fast...I have to do trims very often. But, I decided to go for a full cut (especially for Janie). Both of them break out into a huge sweat the minute we go outside and they LOVE being outside. Janie's hair will be absolutely soaked after just a few minutes outside. Of course it doesn't slow her down, but it often worries me. I have been just pulling it up into pig-tails. 

But on Saturday I went ahead and decided to cut a bunch of it grows so quickly that next summer I will try to leave it a little longer for pulling up. Lexie also got a hair cut...but hers was more of just a "shape up".

Before picture with both girls' hair down at bed-time. 
I usually have it pulled up during the day.

Janie showing off her new shorter style!

Lexie showing off her new shaped up style. 
(Not the best pics of Lexie, she is a moving target these days!!)

Then both girls played in their little "kiddie" pool....

While mommy, Mimi, and Gramps worked on finishing up thier new back-yard playground!
We stil have to finish the playhouse. Still need to put on front door, the side bench, and complete the inside (it has a sink and stove). Then we are putting up a little toddler trampoline. They have a great one at Sams that is low to the ground, has a net, and is plenty big for both of them to jump at the same time!

Next posts coming soon: Tennessee trip and "All about Janie/Lexie" posts.

Have a great week!!


  1. LOVE their short hair!! LOVE Lexie in that awesome shirt! AND ...IM VERY jealous of that playground!! Might have to set something like that up next year!! ADORABLE!

  2. Such pretty girls!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. So jealous of their hair!! It's so thick and full! They look adorable in their new haircuts. What an awesome playground you have! The girls will have so much fun!