Friday, July 22, 2011

4th of July

Well, this is a late 4th of July update....but, I finally got around to loading the pics from that day and just had to share! We went to a parade in a nearby small town. It was basically just police motorcycles, fire trucks, a few businesses handing out coupons, and lots of old cars (oh and can't forget-lots of candy thrown). I think it maybe lasted all of 15 minutes...but it was fun!! 

There was a little celebration after the parade with food vendors and music...the girls liked that too. It was soooooo hot that day! But, it was a great first Independence Day with the girls home together. Looking forward to many more!!

Found our waiting for the parade to begin

Lexie showing her American pride!

Janie showing her American pride!

Janie showing off her USA outfit!

Lexie showing off her USA outfit!

After taking a short walk with mommy, Janie spotted her Mimi saving our spot 
and took off to her! She loves her Mimi!

Lexie and Mimi taking a walk while waiting for the parade to begin!

It's almost time for the parade! Let's get ready!!

Janie liked the firetrucks!

Lexie liked it all and kept waving to everyone! 
Here she wanted Mommy's sunglasses!

The girls kept looking up at him in disbelief!

Lexie won this inflatable frog and didn't let go of it all day! 
Janie won an inflatable turtle too!


  1. Looks like lots of fun!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Just wait will be your time soon! You will love it! God knows your child--love following your journey!