Friday, July 29, 2011




I love that I can now have full conversations with Janie. She pretty much talks all the time, asks tons of questions, repeats things over and over to get my attention, and basically is exploding with language development. I look forward to this time next year when Lexie is doing the same. I can only imagine the conversations I will hear from the back seat :):)

Here are a few examples of some recent "conversations" Janie and I have had (or that she has tried to have with Lexie).  Too sweet!!
I pulled into Publix parking lot. 
Janie: "Do you have grocery list" 
Me: "Yes, baby, I brought it" 
Janie: "Do you have bananas for me and Wexie"
Me: "Yep, sure do" 
Janie: "Yay, I'm so excited"


Janie: "Mmmmm, I have a question" (while holding her finger up to her mouth)
Me: "What is your question"
Janie: "I have to tell you something"
Me: "OK, What is it"
Janie: "Ummm, it is about a hotel"
Me: "What about a hotel"
Janie: "I saw a choo choo and lunch"
Me: "Yes, baby, we did see a choo choo train and eat lunch" 
This was a few weeks after we stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel in Tenn. I guess she was still thinking about it

Janie was laying up on the sofa with her head on the pillow pretending to be asleep. She then got off to get something from the toy box. Lexie jumped up on the couch and laid down. When Janie turned around and saw Lexie she screamed:
"Nooooo, WEXIE...No ma'am, that's my sleep....get off the couch now" 

Not a very nice conversation..but she got her point across....

Such a funny, funny girl!!!

And not to forget about Lexie....she is talking up a storm too. But of course hers is just words....and lots of baby jibberish still. But, she is trying soooo hard. Some words she knows and uses consistently:

ma ma, more, mine (got that one from Janie), no, bye-bye, night-night, ball, book, bottle, blanket, nap, napkin, baby, juice, snack, wake up (from a silly game we play), shoe, boo (for boo-boo or hurt), and lots more that I can't think of right now.....

She also loves to tell you the sounds that animals make. So far she knows cow, dog, cat, horse, elephant, duck, and pig. She is working on frog and goat.

She tries to repeat everything she hears....just doesn't pronounce very good yet...but she is trying so hard-she has so much to say!!



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  1. Thats got to be so bitter sweet - growing up quick!